A Guru or Two Up My Sleeve

“Creating and analyzing are two different processes. Don’t try to do them both at the same time or you’ll hurt yourself.”– I couldn’t tell you who said this. I’m still searching for them. 

Today I’m reading Writing Picture Books by Ann Whitford Paul. I’ll be cutting and pasting and doing all kinds of creative activities that are suggested in the book, activities that are all geared towards making me my own best critic, one that will give me a handle on my (picture book) writing. 

Next I’ll be reading The Art and Craft of Writing Historical Fiction which is written by James Alexander Thom. I chose this one for obvious reasons. Yup! I have a historical YA fiction on the back burner and it needs to come off. So if you haven’t read these two books. I’ve heard great things about them from writing buddies and blogging friends alike! So far I’m satisfied with the reading and I’m enjoying that I’m in charge of my own lesson plans and course of study. 

So I can’t take leave off my holiday yet, but I wanted to update you on my progress. After all it is Woeful Workshop Wednesday today. 

P.S.- If you are looking for a new adventure, check out the new links I posted on the Write! tab above! 

Carpe Diem! Carpe PM! But please pick one or the other. Trying to accomplish both will leave you exhausted! 

Who’s your guru and why such a big crush on them? Hee hee!

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  1. The Ann Whitford Paul book is fantastic! I've read it more than once and try to have it with me whenever I write.

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