History Matters

One reason it is important to do research:


“Many older editions of Rudyard Kipling’s books have a swastika printed on their covers associated with a picture of an elephant carrying a lotus flower. Since the 1930s this has raised the suspicion of Kipling being a Nazi-sympathiser, though the Nazi party did not adopt the swastika until 1920. Kipling used the swastika as it was an Indian sun symbol conferring good luck and well-being. He used the swastika symbol in both right- and left-facing orientations, and it was in general use at the time.[70][71] Even before the Nazis came to power, Kipling ordered the engraver to remove it from the printing block so that he should not be thought of as supporting them. As an indication of his views of the Nazis, less than one year before his death Kipling gave a speech (titled “An Undefended Island”) to The Royal Society of St George on 6 May 1935 warning of the danger which Nazi Germany posed to Britain.”


 Do your research, always. Don’t take it secondhand from anyone, search for the truth always before making assumptions or judgements.


History matters. Without it we are lost to the truth


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2 responses to “History Matters

  1. GREAT ARTICLE!! There is so much fun trivial stuff in HISTORY! I was never really interested in it until just a few years ago, maybe a decade or so ago. BUT did you know our money did not have IN GOD WE TRUST until the 1900 (I think … should look up original date) b/c our country was NOT founded on religious freedom. In fact, our founding fathers wanted a separation between church and state. Then never wanted a living leader nor religous symbol or wording on our money. Since money should belong to the person who earned it, not a king/queen/or other leader.
    ALSO… christmas trees were originally thought of as PAGAN and for some reason I am tinking that the first christmas tree in this country was also in 1900s… and originally if you did have a YULE TREE you were either german or pagan… at least that was the thought… I LOVE HISTORY!! and I wish people would STOP CHANGING IT!!! 😉 LVOE YOUR POST!!!!

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    Love and licks,

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